****Who You Gonna Call by an-alternate-world   (Rated M - WIP *abandoned but is DEFINTELY worth the read) Darren needs to learn to move his hips for ‘It’s Not Unusual’. And there’s really only one other person in the Glee cast that knows how to move their hips that well.  HOT HOT HOTand GOOD - a must read in the CC fandom!


Because You Live My World Has Twice As Many Stars In The Sky by CrissColferLove (Rated M Complete)   Darren decides it’s time to tell Chris the truth about how he feels about him.  


****Love and Affection by Cimmerians (NC17 - Complete)  Chris was overworked and needed a break.  His fellow cast members enlisted Darren to take him away on a private vacation with no phone and no outside contact so he could rest.  So ya put Chris and Darren alone in a house on the beach together…I wonder what happens?  OMFG I can’t say how much I love this fic - perfection!  Sheer perfection. 


Down To Zero - Cimmerians (NC17 Complete)  OMG - friends, then an intimate build up - amazing fic! 


That Naked Fic by blargh  (PG13/R - Complete) so well written - so funny and hot and just READ THIS!   Darren sees Chris naked. Darren can’t stop thinking about Chris naked. Darren totally wants to bang kiss date Chris.  http://certaintendencies.tumblr.com/post/20924677257/that-naked-fic-complete 

Full Disclosure by The Cimmerians  (NC17 - Complete) CrissColfer AU: Darren doesn’t have a girlfriend—and hasn’t had one for a long, long time. Chris doesn’t have a boyfriend, on account of reasons. SO fluffy, funny and HOT - you will LOVE THIS ONE!


Would You by midlifecrisses (Rated T - Complete) Really good, but short CC fic - REALLY well written!  Chris needs Darren’s help with a home improvement project, but Darren has his own agenda. 


Show & Tell by midlifecrisses (Rated T/M - WIP) This is the sequel to the above WOULD YOU. The long overdue sequel to ‘Would You’ It follows the boys as they progress in their relationship. Its not all fairy tales and unicorns all the time. This is a CrissColfer RPF. If its not your thing you’ve been warned. Only Chapter 4 is rated M.  


****Taking Root by hellonic   (Rated R Complete) - REALLY great CC story - MUST READ!!   Darren’s having an existential crisis and drags Chris along with him while he tries to figure himself out  


CrissColfer Prank War by Blargh - Completed in 3 parts.  This is SO DAMN CUTE.  Love it to death!! 


Boyfriends by  AoiTsukikage (Rated PG13 - COMPLETE) Darren loses his memory and wakes up in his apartment, and calls Chris immediately because he assumes they are dating due to all the texts and pictures.  Really, really cute, hot and fulfilling! 


VDAY VERSE (4 parts, Complete) by Miss Begonia  Really, really well written, the dialogue is spot on. Perfect!


Towel Off by fictocriticism  One shot -(Rated NC17 - COMPLETE) Basically: Chris and Darren live together and Darren’s nudist post-shower habits are becoming a problem or 5 Times Chris sees naked-Darren after his shower and 1 time he actually does something about it.   Really HOT HOT HOT and awesome! 


You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) by prideofportree (COMPLETE)

 Rubber Soul Verse (the link to the sequel is at the end)   This is by Terry (BentBackedTulip on Tumblr) who is DA BEST.  Her writing is comedy GOLD.  Dialogue spot on.  READ HER STUFF.


****I’ve Got A Fever (And The Cure Is More Darren Criss) Or In Sickness And In Schmoop by thentheyhadsex (Rated NC17 -COMPLETE) Chris is sick. Chris is totally, unequivocally, completely sick. It’s a good thing that he’s got four days off from filming, and apparently, Darren volunteering to be his personal nursemaid. He’s too sick to put up much protest, and suddenly Darren is staying at his apartment 24/7. And Chris… Chris is starting to realize he doesn’t mind this one bit.  One of the best CC fics I’ve ever read - sweet and smutty - so well written you’ll LOVE IT! 


****Go With The Flow by team-gay-pointy-teeth (Rated NC17 - COMPLETE)  This is simply the HOTTEST CrissColfer fic I have ever read….I still can’t breathe….holy crap. Oh, and very well written, too!  The banter is marvelous as well


ONE-TIME-THING SERIES by flyblckbirdfly Begin here with WANT http://flyblckbirdfly.livejournal.com/8542.html  Then YOU’RE A DICK, DARREN http://flyblckbirdfly.livejournal.com/8910.html and then YOUR EVERYTHING  http://flyblckbirdfly.livejournal.com/9112.html and then TOO CLOSE  http://flyblckbirdfly.livejournal.com/11093.html and the last one is MAY OR MAY NOT http://flyblckbirdfly.livejournal.com/12384.html

A SAFE DISTANCE by twobirdsonesong (NC17 -COMPLETE) Chris has had something of a crush on Darren since the beginning, but it takes the arrival of a guest star on Glee to force him to do anything about it. Excellent CC fic - perfectly written - Matt Bomer is in it!  Plenty of smut and fluff - LOVE IT!  


Would It Be So Bad by MochaCappuccino (Completed drabble written for ME!) This is SOOO right on - so cute, so perfect!  I love Mocha!  Read this! 


The Story Of How Chris Isn’t Goldilocks by blargh (Rated NC17 -Complete)  Chris’s sex life is not really something Darren’s thought about before. Not purposefully, anyway. And it’s kind of a surprise that it doesn’t exist, but he can’t really pinpoint why.  Maybe it’s because Chris is sort of the epitome of the unattainable hot guy he’d be really frustrated by if he were gay. It’s weird to think of someone who could be getting so much sex just not doing it. ‘Cause of standards. Apparently Chris’s are high. Really funny and sexy!!


****When In Paris by CrissColferLove (Rated M -Complete) Jamie was kind enough to write my dream/prompt idea! She’s AMAZING!!!  READ THIS!


Need You Now by DCrissColfer (complete) REALLY good, well thought out, sweet CC getting together fic.  I wish there was more!  


Never Say Never by MelissaMotown (Rated R - complete)  Follows Canon CrissColfer from Original Song and continues forward. Nice build up, well written, some angst but delightful to read!


Like Primal Music by  bluecloudsupabove/ca_te (NC17 Complete)   CollegeAU    http://bluecloudsupabove.tumblr.com/post/29054254090/fic-like-primal-music-1-9

"The light that you carry inside" Series by bluecloudsupabove (11 in the series - ratings go from PG to NC17 depending on the chapter - scroll down the master list to find the series) 


Chapter 12 in the above “light that carries you inside” series: 


The Odd Couple by Sabriel81 (NC 17 Complete - Slightly AU)  Chris Colfer’s life was getting very interesting recently, and what would meeting his new co-star Darren Criss do to his ever changing life?


Our Boys by Sabriel81 (sequel to The Odd Couple)  (Rated M -Complete)   This follows Chris and Darren on their Glee Live tour, the SBL set and then wrapping up our boys’ tale…in epic fashion. What does the future hold for them…each other.  


Unexpected Perfection by Sabriel81 (Rated M - WIP) This is the honeymoon spin-off from The Odd Couple/Our Boys  


I Would Totally Pick Chris by dcrisscolfer (Rated M - WIP) This is an ongoing CrissColfer drabble that she updates very frequently - Darren calls Chris at 3am and stuff happens….it’s REALLY REALLY GOOD.  Enjoy!


The Getaway by The Cimmerians (Rated NC17 - Complete) Lotsa beautiful porn - trust me - anything Cimmerians writes, YOU.MUST.READ.  Do it.  NOW!  http://the-cimmerians.tumblr.com/post/19603043803/pornspam-crisscolfer-nc-17-the-getaway

Letters & Sodas by nasonexyouswine (Rated M - Complete)  Darren calls it fate. Chris just calls it a nightmare. What else is it when that one night stand you had a few weeks back turns up at work and is going to playing your boyfriend? 


Lover To Lover by crisscumfer (Rated NC17 - Complete)    Three times Darren and Chris woke up next to each other and nothing happened and the one time something did.


Turning Tables by ca_te (Rated M - Complete)  future!fic (slightly au references to the past) Chris and Darren meet again after three years spent apart.


La Meme Direction by twobirdsonesong (Rated R - Complete)  Glee is over, and there is finally time to take a break.  This is BEAUTIFUL.  Chris and Darren take a 3 week vacation on a private beach in the Mediterranean. 


****Morphine As Truth Serum by sarah-is-dreaming-of (Rated PG13 - COMPLETE) When Darren needs help at 3 AM, there’s just one person he wants to call: Chris. And thanks to some pretty potent painkillers, he may just end up divulging a little too much about his growing crush on his best friend and co-worker. CrissColfer hurt/comfort, angst, humor, and bucketloads of fluff. 


Untitled Porn Spam (smut in the closet) by The Cimmerians (Rated M Complete Ficlet) OMG just ANYTHING by The Cimms needs to be read - this is PERFECT.  LOVE IT.


The Voltage Running Through Our Skin by kissedmequiteinsane (Rated NC17 - Complete) It’s Chris’ 21st birthday, and everyone’s going to go out to celebrate. But all Chris really wants is Darren. Too bad he’s straight and they’re co-workers.


****A Sixth Date Thing by alittledizzy (Rated M -Complete)  This started as a short texting ficlet that had me CACKLING my ass off - READ THIS!  Priceless!! Now it’s a multi -chapter fic! 


Unusual by alittledizzy (Rated NC17 - WIP - 2 parts up so far) Smutty smut smut with a slight d/s twist to it and a side of confused feeeeelingsThe strangest photo shoot either of them have done before.


Court Mandated Therapy by Hero-In-Disguise (Rated PG Complete)  After having a fight on set, Chris and Darren are forced to go to court mandated therapy. Dr. Martin, their therapist, helps them uncover their feelings for each other, while also getting to the root cause of their fight.  


The Meisner Technique by colfer (NC17 - Complete)  A rehearsal at CC’s house goes very, very rogue. Yeah, that’s really all I can say without giving the whole thing away. 


I Feel Your Whisper Across The Sea by dahlstrom/colfer (Rated NC 17 - Complete)  This is a follow up companion piece to the above fic, The Meisner Technique   This is about as close to 4x04 reaction fic as I can get. Hurt/comfort, with some Ryan Murphy shade and hopefully not too much fandom projection thrown in. Also porn, whee! Same ‘verse as The Meisner Technique 


Anon prompted ficlet:  Darren making Chris see that he’s beautiful by dcrisscolfer (Rated M - Complete)  OH MY HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD - it’s so wonderful - I just love Jen’s stuff - I want to read this again and again and SO SHOULD YOU!  (and all her stuff!)


CrissColfer Ficlets: MAY THE META BE WITH YOU   (Two so far from a prompt) by Unshurtugal   (trust me - read ANYTHING by Mal and you’ll love it!) 



SAY MY NAME (NC17) by Unshurtugal   http://unshurtugal.tumblr.com/post/32853771449/ficlet-say-my-name-criss-colfer

For The Show by CurlsAnderson (Rated M - Complete) Darren tells Chris that he thinks they should have sex with each other so that they can play post-virginity Kurt and Blaine more realistically. Set shortly after The First Time.


The Only Award I Need Is You by (shameless plug!) LSKlaineGleek and FroggyDarren (Rated M - WIP)  Chris and Darren have been secretly pining away for each other for a long time.  They’re the best of friends and help each other through everything.  When Chris is down in the dumps, what does Darren have in mind to help cheer him up?


Breathless by CertainTendencies (Rated NC 17 - Complete) Darren can’t help but notice Chris has a Neck Thing. Obviously, they should have sex.  


Turn The Lights Down Low by Odd (Rated NC 17 - Complete) Chris was fine with Kurt getting his first kiss with a boy before he did, and he was fine with Kurt getting a boyfriend before he did. But when he reads the script for the senior prom episode (a.k.a. the one where Kurt and pretty much all of ND book hotel rooms and go all the way), he decides that he’s had enough of being jealous that his on-screen alter ego is getting all the action.   


****Trip and Stumble by dizzy (Rated M - Complete) Chris has no idea what he’s doing here. Here - at this school, in Michigan, so far from home. College!CrissColfer AU


Additions to the verse HERE

One More Part For The Story Book by Dizzy (part of the T&S verse)


Giddyap by Oddswritesstuff (NC 17 - Complete) Long smutty HOT one-shot - yummy….just read.



Riding by asifweneversaidgoodbye (Rated M - complete) CrissColfer! Prompt: They’re not in relationship. It contains large amounts of smut and a kitchen table. Just so you know.  THIS. IS. HOT. 


Buckle Down by Certaintendencies (Rated NC17 - Complete) Chris could really use some help buckling down. Darren offers his services. Things get complicated, as they sometimes do. Also, hotdogs.  Descriptions of a panic attack, bondage/restraint, whispers of breathplay, off-screen nipple clamp usage, and last but not least, mentions of ~food play  OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD! She writes C & D perfectly - wow wow wow! JESUS! READ THIS!   http://certaintendencies.tumblr.com/BuckleDown


Like You Mean It by certaintendencies (Rated NC17 - Complete) The boys make a bet about who is the best kisser. Yeah. Gotta wonder where this all leads, eh? READ IT!  



To The Bone by an-alternate-world (Rated M - Complete) It’s been a very long day and Chris just wants to relax, but then Darren invites himself over and things get a little…out of hand. How do they handle it the day after? Smut, angst, fluff two-shot!  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7298127/1/To-The-Bone

Layer By Layer by DCrissColfer (Rated M - Complete)

 Based on this GKM prompt. 

Darren and Chris are asked to model underwear, together, maybe for some LGBT support, so they are asked to model together, practically naked, or it could be a shoot where they take each others clothes of for each shot. Darren and Chris shouldn’t be dating for this, just getting turned on during the shooting.


Nothing’s Ever Gonna Bring Us Down by sqphillips (Rated M - WIP) Chris Colfer is your average 17 year old high school senior. Well besides the fact that he’s gay, but living in San Francisco makes that kinda normal too. He goes to school, likes to read, and even has a decent social life, and has the best as far as best friends go, Ashley. He even has his typical celebrity crush, Darren Criss, even though Ashley like to remark that Darren IS straight… and Chris likes to remark back that ACTUALLY Darren doesn’t believe in labels… not that it matters anyway considering the closest they’ll ever get to meeting is when Chris went to see him in How To Succeed in Business last year. So yeah Chris’ life was pretty normal… pretty average.

Darren Criss is not your average 19 year old. Landing his first big acting role on one of Tv’s hottest new shows at 17 took him from that average kid with his average..but amazing theater loving friends to a celebrity (as much as he hated the term). He now had fans, he had things he could and could not say, especially about his sexuality, Darren really DIDN’T believe in labels, but apparently Hollywood did and since Darren had a girlfriend when he made his big appearance on screen, he is known as straight, which Darren guesses is true.. it’s just he hates labels, simple. as. that. he also hates the rules that come with being in the media forefront. So with his tv show stopping filming for about a year Darren has decided this is the perfect time to get away from most of it and finish the senior year of high school he never got to…in his hometown… San Francisco.

Still Going Strong:  I’ve seen a thousand things in one place (but I stopped my counting when I saw your face) by writethefiction (Rated NC17 - Complete) CrissColfer AU, teacher!Darren and student!Chris.
Starting his senior year of high school in a town he’s desperate to get out of, Chris meets someone unexpected, while learning in the process that home is not always where you’re from and that continuations are better than clean slates.   I LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS! It’s AU but many, many canon feels throughout - READ THIS NOW!!
No Labels by Sabriel81 (Rated M - Complete) Darren and Chris are truly best friends. They’ve been through a lot since Darren’s first appearance on Glee, and now as they come into the third season, some things may change, maybe even for the better. Originally the same fic from FanFic of the same name, reposted here becasue it got lost in the great purge. I hope you love it again…or maybe even for the first time
I Sing The Body Electric by Crisscumfer (Rated NC17 - Complete)  Chris and Darren spend the night reading crisscolfer fanfiction and making some of their own.
SF College Verse (in three parts) by Miss_Begonia (Rated M - Complete)
College!Crisscolfer - Chris goes to college in SJ and moves in with Darren and the boys. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!  Love this soooooo much!!
Prepare For Departure by Dizzy (Rated PG13 - Complete) Not-famous Chris gets seated next to definitely-famous Darren on a cross-country flight.
Leaves Me Wanting More by SkinTightSocks (Rated NC17 - Complete)  ”It’s hilarious that you think I would joke about sex,” Chris says, patting Darren’s cheek once he’s back on the bed and digging through the duffle bag. “Some things are sacred.” AKA: Chris and Orgasms: A Love Story.
Like Dancing by CertainTendencies (Rated NC17 - Complete)
Dirty Dancing? What started out on set, quickly escalated…HOT HOT HOT HOTTER THAN HOT!
From Broadway To Brooklyn by Sir-Pyllero (Rated M - Complete)   Anon prompted: could you write a crisscolfer au where they meet on a train, maybe subway in NY? and the train stops because of technical difficulties for like 10 minutes? or maybe not, whatever you think is great. thank you! =)
That We’d Sink A Few More by hellonik (Rated PG13 - Complete) There is a girl, Darren is taken by surprise, Chris is sort of in the middle of it all, and everyone feels a lot of feelings. And Ashley is very observant and also Chris’s best friend for a reason. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Simply a MUST READ!

Silenced By The Night by MediumDripKlaine (Rated T - Complete)  
Shortly after graduation, Chris decided he needed a break from Clovis. So one night he packed a suitcase and left for San Francisco, hoping to find a moment of peace. What he found instead was so much more. Over the next few days he discovered what it was like to experience a foreign city with a stranger by his side, and more importantly, what it felt like to fall in love.
I Shouldn’t Love You But I Want To (Rated M - Complete) by CrissColferLove    Chris is in love with Darren. Darren is oblivious, until one night when everything changes. But will circumstances keep them from one another?
Big Wood Cabin by certaintendencies (Rated NC17 - Complete) Stranded in a cabin in a snowstorm (shh there’s nothing wrong with good ol’ cabin fic)  30K of sweet, hilarious and smutty Chris and Darren - READ NOW!
Skin by blaqkaudio (Rated NC17 - Complete)  Darren takes Chris away for a weekend to relax after the tour. They spend basically the entire time shacked up at the hotel. (Mile High Club, blow jobs, hot tubs, fingering, rimming, beard porn… shameless, SHAMELESS porn with barely a plot to be found). Also known as The Hotel Marathon Sex Fic.  *OMFG over 8K of pure BLISS!!!

Look At Me by xlithium (Rated R - Complete)  Darren is always looking at Chris. That’s why he knows, better than anyone, that Chris isn’t looking back. Until he is. 


All The Salt In My Lungs by Hellonik (Rated PG13 - Complete)  Chris sort of enthralls people and Darren can confirm this because he has personal experience with that. Also, Darren’s a bit obtuse when it comes to deciphering his own emotions and Charlene gives him a much-needed kick.    OH MY DEAR…….this fic is SPOT FUCKING ON. She has Darren pegged PERFECTLY. LOVE THIS SHIT OUTA THIS.


Right Through And Underneath by Dizzy (Rated M - Complete) AU/Canon split CrissColfer. Darren is not a secret boyfriend. Once again, Mandy blows me away with her brilliance. Read this!!


1:14:52 by Shurtugal781226 (Rated M - Complete) The morning after a Glee cast house party Darren and Chris discover a video recorded on Chris’ lap top


Let’s Have A Ball by tresbellemichelle (Rated PG - Part 1 for CC week) I originally started writing this for Becca, who wanted a CrissColfer fic based on this video. But it also fit today’s theme for CC Week (First Meeting AU), so I decided to finally finish it.


Dropping The Ball by TresBelleMichelle (Rated PG - Complete) A sequel to Let’s Have A Ball, set three years in the future, and based on a conversation withCari.

By popular demand, and for today’s CC week theme: Happily Ever After. <3


Underneath Your Skin by dizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete) Soon to be high school graduate Chris makes an unlikely connection over the internet.


Come Running To by dizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete) Chris has the world’s worst week, but Darren knows the way to make it better. Set three weeks after Underneath Your Skin. Warnings for: daddy!kink, D/s, voyeur!Joey, and some light-hearted, non-romantic Chris/Darren/Joey.


Spring Break by dizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete - 3rd in the UnderneathYourSkin verse) Chris and Darren take a trip.


Operation Get Over Colfer by nunu55 (Rated M - Complete) Darren always thought that his one-sided, little crush on Chris was harmless, but then after a particular shoot in New York things changed, and it became an obsession. Darren decided then that he needs to get over his friend. Faced with a rare opportunity for what seems to be a one-night stand with Chris, will Darren fall into lust or spare his heart the ache?


If Democracy Collapses Tomorrow, It’s All Darren’s Fault by WhenIDance (Rated NC17 - Complete)  Darren and Chris go vote together, and then go back to Darren’s place and get cleaned up and vote some more 


Put Your Hands All Over Me by WhenIDance (Rated NC17 - Complete) Direct sequel to If Democracy Collapses Tomorrow, It’s All Darren’s Fault


Straight On Til Morning by Hellonik (Rated PG13 - Complete)  Wherein nothing happens. No, really. Or: AU where Darren works in an off-beat music store, for a given definition of the term, in LA, and Chris has just relocated. They meet, inevitably, and some sort of courtship ensues. Inevitably. (title taken from Peter Pan.)


Two Hands Verse by Neaf (Rated PG13 - Complete) Chris and Darren have it all, but more than that they have each other. Or, what happens when you get to spend your life with your best friend.


Acute Motion Memory in Three Parts by Neaf (Rated M - Complete) Chris and Darren haven’t been together very long, but when Chris is overworked and overtired, Darren comes up with his own unique solution.


Cockslut!Darren - A CrissColfer AU Drabble in 2 parts by HeavenOrSpace (Rated M - Complete) Darren is a regular at the club where he first spots barely legal Chris. and he wants Chris’ dick, basically.   ***THIS IS SOOOO GOOD!  I’ve begged her to continue in this verse!!


No Splashing by tresbellemichelle (Rated R - 3K -Complete) “Shut up and get in the bathtub, Darren.” 


A Lot Like Falling Asleep by tresbellemichelle (Rated PG13 - 2K -Complete) Telling Darren to leave is a lot easier than actually making him, and Chris knows that he won’t, that he’s too comfortable with Darren’s toes pressed against his ankle.


Could You Take My Picture by tresbellemichelle (Rated M - Complete)

Sweet n fluffy and smutty and always great from Michelle!!!!


Fresh Start by MissBeizy (Rated M - Complete) For the anon who requested “college Crisscolfer where Chris finds Darren really annoying at first until he finally gets under his skin”


Seven Breakfasts by twobirdsonesong (Rated PG - Complete) Sometimes a meal is the easiest thing that can be shared between two people.


Those Things by tresbellemichelle (Rated PG13 - Complete) Because no one else in the world is Darren, and so no one can ever love him the way Darren does.


PRUFROCK VERSE by twobirdsonesong (Rated M - Completed in 11 parts)  AMAZING looks into the relationship of Chris and Darren - HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended reading!!!


Turning The Page by intoapuddle (Rated NC17 - Complete) Based on a prompt from tumblr user alittledizzy: “Glee is over, one of them finally asks the other one a date. Like sort of fluffy but also there’s all this history for them so it’s a little bit angsty too even if they’re both happy and then uh maybe 1sttime smut.”


Chris/Darren Shower Sex PWP by intoapuddle (Rated NC17 - Complete) Darren has a huge shower and Chris is a horny minx.

(Intergluetal, bottom!Chris, blow jobs, rimming and yeah as much of that that I could fit within 1,5k words)   *probably one of the hottest shower sex ficlets I have ever read - HOT DAMN READ THIS SHIT NOW!


The What Where When and How by intoapuddle (Rated PG13 - Complete) Prompted by tumblr user pavarottisklaine: “i was wondering if I could prompt you? well here it is: darren’s new/old song ‘I Don’t Mind’ is indeed about Chris. Chris’ reaction to it? xx”


We’re Up All Night by crisscumfer (Rated M - Complete)  bottom!darren, bottom!chris, rimming, slight exhibitionism, sex marathon Filled for this prompt on the GKM.


But Friday (Never Hesitate) by Dizzy (Rated PG13 - Complete) Chris doesn’t like his job (or his boss) very much, but he does like Darren.


Your Hand In Mine by IntoAPuddle (Rated M - Complete) based on a prompt: ”First time hand jobs. Easing into it nice and slow with lots of descriptions. Particular image I love: one of them being very hesitant/unsure they’re on the same page, the other guiding the first person’s hand to their dick so they feel how hard it is”


Dive In (with your eyes closed) by scatterthestars (Rated M - Complete) How a trip to a beach-side house for ten days changes things in ways that both Chris and Darren didn’t anticipate.


Relax For Me by IntoAPuddle (Rated M - Complete) Chris suffers from anxiety, and he can’t talk about it.


Whisper I Love You by dreams_and_oj (Rated NC17 - Complete) AU Chuck has a new best friend and Darren finds himself falling head over heels for something more curious and lovely than he thought could be real.


That Wasn’t Scripted by intoapuddle (Rated M - Complete) Darren and Chris set up a date to rehearse their final scene of Glee, season 2, and the reading takes a happy turn that they use to their advantage.


A Lot Like You by nosenuzzling (Rated NC17 - Complete) Soul mate AU. Darren has been looking for his soul mate ever since the name first appeared on his palm. Chris doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know. But soul mates will always find each other in just the right time and right circumstance. Whether they want to or not.


Sing My Imperfect Offering by alittledizzy (Rated M - WIP)

Chris is a writer, a recluse, and in love with his delivery boy.


What Makes A Good Man by dizzy (Rated M - Complete)

AGE GAP (Chris 17 - Darren 24)

Chris is trying to make it through high school. Darren is trying to make it through life.


Everything Has Changed by serohtonin (Rated M - Complete)

Chris meets an attractive street musician/aspiring actor who turns his personal life, and his work life, upside down. Alternate meeting AU, set during season two of Glee.


Beyond The Sea by dumbhuman (Rated PG13 - Complete)

Seventeen year old Chris is going on his first real vacation: A Disney cruise with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. What he expects to be a fun getaway of baby-sitting, waiting in line to get autographs, and avoiding the sun gets turned on its head when his family is seated with the Criss’s at dinner. Eighteen year old Darren, an experienced cruiser, suggests that he act as Chris’s tour guide for the week-long voyage, and Chris agrees, not realizing that seven days is definitely enough time to fall head over heels for someone. But will they have their Happily Ever After?


Human Art by drosophilase (Rated M - Complete)

Chris Colfer is a painter that, at not even 25 years old, has already achieved notoriety, celebration, fame, and become old news in the Los Angeles art scene. When new artists start to outshine him like the infuriatingly good DC, whose San Franciscan art is infiltrating LA magazines and galleries, Chris flees to the little Pacific coastal town Cambria to get his art together. A year after he settles in, he is approached to work on a charity mural for the new headquarters of a local addiction rehabilitation center. It’s not until too late that he finds his new boss Cory Monteith has secured another well-known painter to be his collaborative partner for the job— DC himself.


Say I’m The One You Want by alittledizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete)

Glee Live tour. Sexy things happen. Mentions of past Darren/female, brief brief Chris/OMC.


Heart Of Stone by suchafangirl (Rated M - Complete)

Chris Colfer has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime, to bring The Land of Stories to Broadway. A chance meeting with one of the creators of A Very Potter Musical gives him the tools he needs to make it happen.

Darren Criss and Chris Colfer will never be the same again once Queen Evly takes over their lives. Their world gets turned upside down and hearts will be broken, but there might be an unexpected fairytale ending besides the one they’re creating for the Broadway stage.


Fable Wasn’t Fiction by controlofwhatIdo (Rated M - Complete)

This is the story of how it started. And ended. And started again.

This spans from the Glee Live tour (summer 2011) to the summer of 2013. I mostly kept to the timeline, with some embellishments and inaccuracies for the sake of the fic. Title and chapter headers are all from various songs written by Darren. Fic includes brief mentions of past Darren/Theo Katzman (also includes mentions of Mia & an OC that pertain to the storyline, but no actual relationships are involved).


Broken by scatterthestars (Rated M - Complete)

He was going to tell him and be done with it. But when things change, and Chris still finds his teacher, Darren, still in his life, he deals with the curveball that life throws him. And it’s when he seeks comfort from the person he loves is when rules that aren’t meant to be broken are.


3am by tresbellemichelle (Rated T - Complete) Very cute 5K one shot! 

or Five Times Darren Calls Chris at 3AM, and One Time Chris Calls Darren


When My Lucky Stars Align by dizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete) 

Chris donates to a birthday fundraiser for his favorite celebrity… and wins.


****Whether You Know It Or Not by hestherewithme (Rated T - Complete) 

This is a Crisscolfer college AU based on this Bollywood foreign film, JAANE TU YA JAANE NA   *I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FIC!


Didn’t Know Love by dontfretbaby (Rated M - WIP) 

Darren Criss rarely picks up his seven-year-old daughter from school, but one day he does and it alters everything when he meets her teacher, Mr. Colfer.


You Leave These Marks by drosophilase (Rated T - Complete) 6K one-shot

In a world where your soulmate is revealed by the first touch of their fingertips to your skin, Darren and Chris find each other.


Just A Kiss by tresbellemichelle (Rated T – 5K Complete)

Ryan says, “You’re good with kissing, right?” and Chris feels like he’s one answer away from a job he never anticipated and already loves, or being sent packing back to Clovis and a life of loneliness and mediocrity. So he stutters out an, “Of course.” Because he’s an actor, and actors are expected to do certain things. It’s not until that moment, when it’s suddenly a possibility, that Chris thinks he might not be so okay with it after all.


Shifting Dreams by kbvibes (Rated M – WIP)

Sometimes you get so busy working toward your lifelong dreams that you nearly miss out on the most important things in life. Chris and Darren have the world at their feet and everything they have always wanted, except the one thing they have needed most, each other. Deciding to fight for what feels right in a world that couldn’t be more wrong, isn’t easy, but at the end of the day love is the only dream worth having. Shifting Dreams is the story of how they decide to embrace the love they have always felt for one another, and the joy and consequences that come as a result.


Safe and Sound Verse by serohtonin (Rated M – WIP)

A canon-inspired D/s CrissColfer series – mostly PWP


Nor The Cavaliers by incendiary1 (Rated T – Complete – 8K)

Professor Darren Criss teaches Advanced Movement and Theory of Theatre, and ends up falling for one of his students.


Collection Of Random CrissColfer Drabbles by hestherewithme (Rated T – WIP)


A Competition Of Sorts by teegybee (Rated T – Complete)

It started out as a joke, a competition that was meant to prove the world wrong. But somewhere in the midst of tweets, a fake tumblr, instagram photos and the constant need to one up each other, Chris and Darren find themselves falling way deeper than they had planned.


Unpack My Heart by dontfretbaby, serohtonin  (Rated M – Complete)

While on a trip to Italy, fresh-out-of-high-school Chris meets a handsome American stranger, a college junior named Darren, who changes his life in ways he never thought possible. But can Chris trust these new feelings to last?  *seriously though – Chris and Darren in ITALY?  Yeah, read this.


Shhhh! by dizzy (Rated M – WIP)

Chris works in a library, but he does accept bribes.


Right Where We Are by tresbellemichelle (Rated T – Completed 4K one shot)

“That,” Chris starts, “is Darren.” And a moment or so later, Darren starts to sing. The timing is so perfect that it’s almost annoying.


For What Binds Us by TwoBirdsOneSong (Rated M – Complete)

It’s five years after the end of Glee and Chris and Darren haven’t seen each other since everything fell apart. When Chris shows up unexpectedly at Darren’s new home, he struggles to find out if they still have a place in each other’s lives.

 Warnings: brief mention of Chris with an OMC, who doesn’t not appear ‘in person’ during the fic. Additionally, Lea Michele is with a new unnamed, unseen husband and pregnant with their first child.


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